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Published three times a year, Quaker Concern shares stories from the work of Canadian Friends Service Committee (Quakers). Each edition of Quaker Concern including brief highlights in the Keeping up with Friends section. These highlights touch on recent educational materials, open letters, news, and events relevant to our work.

Keeping up with Friends shares content from all of our program work, touching on criminal justice, Indigenous peoples’ human rights, and peace issues. It sometimes invites readers to take specific actions as led.

Each of the issues mentioned briefly in this section of Quaker Concern is described in more detail on our main website https://quakerservice.ca and so the items in Keeping Up usually link to specific parts of that site.

Keeping up with Friends

Thank you readers Thank you to everyone who answered our reader survey. As a result of your feedback, we’re pleased to launch a new website for Quaker Concern: https://quakerconcern.ca! We hope the site will make it easier to read Quaker Concern online, particularly for those using mobile devices, and to share individual articles with family…

Keeping up with Friends

Looking good in 2017! It’s a new year and we’re pleased to start it off with a fresh look. We hope our new design will not only look better but make Quaker Concern easier to read in print and online. Annual Accountability Report 2015-2016 At http://report.quakerservice.ca you can find a rundown of stories and highlights…