Keeping up with Friends

New resource on writing territory acknowledgements

Have you ever been to an event that began with an acknowledgment that it was taking place on the territory of particular Indigenous peoples? Have you wondered what goes into such a statement? CFSC has released a two-page handout to help with thinking through and making territory acknowledgments. The handout includes what we would encourage folks to mention, and to avoid, as well as three examples:

Are We Done Fighting?

Years in the making, CFSC’s book Are We Done Fighting? was published in May. Since then, Psychology Today has given Matt Legge an ongoing blog to discuss issues raised in the book and it has been covered by openDemocracy, YES! Magazine, and Matt has been interviewed by the publisher. Now we need your help to spread the word further. Consider sharing the above articles, writing a review of the book for a personal blog, local publication, or website like GoodReads, or inviting Matt to give a presentation to your Quaker or non-Quaker group. Find out more and get a free chapter at:

The Indigenous World 2019

The Indigenous World is a “one-of-a-kind documentation tool, that offers a comprehensive yearly overview of the developments Indigenous peoples experience around the world.” For many years CFSC program coordinator Jennifer Preston has written the entry on Canada. We’re pleased to announce that The Indigenous World 2019 is now available for free (PDF). The section on Canada starts on page 65.

Undemocractic tactics block key bill

The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples has been a priority of our work for decades. We were there when it was negotiated, when it was adopted by the United Nations, and when private members Bill C-262 (to ensure that the laws of Canada are in harmony with the UN Declaration), was introduced and later passed by the House of Commons. And we were there as Bill C-262 died on the very cusp of becoming law. Bill C-262 was an opportunity for reconciliation. The stalling and political games this Bill was subjected to by a handful of Conservative senators, ensuring that it would not pass, have no place in a well-functioning democracy. Quakers are known for staying grounded and continuing to listen for, and act on, our peace and justice concerns, no matter how long it may take. Our work with Indigenous partners and concerned Canadians to realize the full implementation of the UN Declaration is no exception. We thank our generous supporters for their continued care and enthusiasm. Together we will continue this important work.

Federal court says settlement wines aren’t a “product of Israel”

In 2014 Quakers expressed deep concern for the wellbeing of all in Israel/Palestine and, in agreement with Canada’s official policy, recognized Israeli settlements as a serious obstacle to peace. We called for Canada to label products of Israeli settlements accurately so that consumers could make informed decisions. Last year, CFSC wrote an open letter in support of a court case on this matter. We are pleased by the outcome. Federal Judge Anne Mactavish said in her decision, “Identifying the [settlement] wines as ‘Products of Israel’ is false, misleading and deceptive and interferes with the ability of Canadian consumers to make informed and rational decisions to buy conscientiously.” We hope this decision will not be appealed.