From Summer 2023

Palestinian children smile as one speaks into a mic. The words "Canada, Stand Up for Palestinian Children's Rights" are written underneath the photo.

Occupation hurts the occupied and the occupier

For many years Canadian Friends have had a concern for all people living in Palestine and Israel. In 2009, Quakers adopted a position that, among other things, calls for a nonviolent path that recognizes the dignity of all. In 2014, Canadian Friends approved an Addendum to the 2009 Israel/Palestine position. The Addendum notes that “Our…

Keeping up with Friends

Keeping up with Friends

Joint statements supporting Indigenous peoples’ human rights The Coalition for the Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples issued a statement. The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is the most comprehensive international human rights instrument affirming the collective rights of Indigenous peoples and the individual rights of members of Indigenous Nations. Indigenous peoples worked…

Children walk down train tracks with the words "Friends on the Move"

Friends on the move

This is a special moment because we’re taking your concerns directly to decision makers in a much bigger way. For the first time in our more than 90 year history, we’ve expanded to have a Government Relations Representative, based in Ottawa! Your voice, grounded in our Quaker faith, will reach decision makers more than ever…