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Latest joint statements

Eight Quaker agencies, including CFSC, came together in mid-April to issue a new joint statement and calls to action for a just peace in Israel/Palestine. There are specific actions called for from Israel, Hamas, the Western governments, and Friends. You can read the statement and Quaker groups can endorse it:

On the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Canadian churches issued a pastoral letter, which Canadian Yearly Meeting and CFSC both signed:

CFSC made our first ever submission to a consultation about Canada’s federal budget. You can read the submission to see the four spending priority recommendations that CFSC highlighted:

Acceptance vs. judgment: which of these 5 strategies do you go to in conflicts?

In this blog post for Psychology Today Matt Legge explores the conflicting advice we often get about being “accepting” versus “judgmental.” He shares a tool that may help you think about what you value and are looking for in disagreements and conflicts:

Newest videos, including the heart-wrenching true story of what happens when a parent is incarcerated

We continue to release short informative videos regularly, and our following on YouTube is growing! Most recently we’ve shared advice from long-time CFSC partners Dan and Mary Lou Smoke as part of our Indigenous Voices on Reconciliation series. And we’ve produced a three minute video Monica’s Story: The Invisible Children of Incarcerated Parents.

It features images generated by artificial intelligence to protect the anonymity of the people involved, while a mother—Monica—tells the story of what happened when her children witnessed their father being arrested. It has an original soundtrack by CFSC member John Samson Fellows also know as Vivat Virtute. These and many other great videos are available on our YouTube channel:

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