Friends on the Move

CFSC’s criminal justice program coordinator Verena Tan was at the International Coalition for Children with Incarcerated Parents conference in England. The conference gave CFSC the chance to connect with individuals and organizations with a shared concern around the impacts on children when parents are incarcerated.

CFSC was able to share our new report Breaking the Silence, which follows from a first of its kind dialogue that CFSC hosted in January, bringing together over 35 organizations and individuals. Breaking the Silence provides an overview of presentations given at the dialogue, policy discussions, and final recommendations of the group about Canada’s role and responsibility to children of incarcerated parents:

In addition to her travel to New York mentioned in our cover story, CFSC’s Indigenous rights program coordinator Jennifer Preston has also been in Ottawa, Vancouver, and Fredericton for meetings. She was also part of the United Nations’ Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples meetings in Geneva, Switzerland.

Since the launch of CFSC’s book, Are We Done Fighting?, its author, peace program coordinator Matt Legge, has been giving presentations. Matt has spoken in Toronto, Hamilton, and Winnipeg. Although the content of each presentation is similar, the conversations that follow are always different, depending on the interests of the audience. So far discussions have covered topics like: inner peace, how to stay hopeful, gender-based violence, how to talk to people who reject evidence, and responding to Islamophobia.