Keeping up with Friends

Supporting Bill C-15
CFSC has been very active promoting Bill C-15, The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act. Together with our partners we’re helping to counter alarmist, misleading, and outright false statements that some are making about this Bill.
This has taken the form of educational events, a piece in The Hill Times, and helping to coordinate open letters including one with more than 200 signatories: Indigenous Nations, hereditary chiefs, activists, legal experts, unions, faith bodies, professors, and concerned individuals.
Respond to hate, but not by undermining civil liberties
It is deeply troubling that white supremacist groups are increasingly active in Canada. We applaud careful and evidence-based approaches to curtailing the rise of hate movements. At the same time, we’ve joined with partners in expressing concern with the use of ineffective anti-terrorism laws (PDF) and the flawed IHRA definition of antisemitism (PDF), both of which may cause more harm than good.
Addressing conflict amongst Friends
Addressing Conflict amongst Friends (PDF) is a new resource jointly produced by Canadian Friends Service Committee and Continuing Meeting of Ministry and Counsel. The resource offers insights that we hope will assist Quaker Meetings in navigating conflict in healing ways. We welcome feedback on this resource. CFSC is also available to facilitate skill-building workshops for Meetings upon request.
Speak up for COs
A petition started by our partners in Israel is welcoming signatures from around the world. Directed to the Israeli Minister of Defense, it expresses solidarity with young Israelis who refuse military conscription for reasons of conscience, and condemns their imprisonment. For more on this issue see our 2018 article Conscientious Objection to Military Service.
Synthetic biology update 2021
Once a year we provide quick summaries for a general audience about the synthetic biology news making headlines. In this year’s update you’ll find out how powerful biotechnologies are being used in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in medicine, in food, and many other applications.
Spreading peace
CFSC continues our ongoing blog for Psychology Today, sharing quick and simple tips from various experts on peace and conflict issues. You can join a free workshop series to study these skills together with a group. To be notified when the next round is about to start, simply fill in this brief form.
What makes CFSC’s voice different?
Have you ever wondered what sets CFSC’s communications apart as a Quaker service agency? We have developed a new guidance document (PDF) on this topic that we’re using internally to inform decision-making. Several of the Friends we consulted in developing it said they hoped that we would share it. We welcome any ideas or feedback you have on this.