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Katsi’tsakwas Ellen Gabriel winning film awards
In the Winter 2022 edition of Quaker Concern we wrote about CFSC’s funding support for Katsi’tsakwas Ellen Gabriel’s documentary film work. Since then, Ellen’s Kanàtenhs: When the Pine Needles Fall, has achieved several major awards!

The honours include being Selected at the American Indian Film Festival 2022, an Honourable Mention at the Tokyo Film Awards 2022, and winning awards at the LA Independent Women Film Awards 2022, the Melbourne Independent Film Festival 2022, and the Sydney Indie Short Film Festival 2023. Congratulations Ellen!


Rituals could increase peace in your life
CFSC’s Matt Legge continues to write periodically for Psychology Today. The latest post explores the potential for transforming destructive conflicts without going up into your head to analyze what went wrong and who did what to whom. How is this possible? The post shares all sorts of insights about the power of rituals:


Civil society continues opposition to flawed antisemitism definition
As we’ve written about previously, we continue to oppose hate while raising the need for a definition of antisemitism that won’t be used to silence legitimate protest of Israel’s human rights violations. (We support the Jerusalem Declaration definition Recently we signed two open letters—one to Canadian Heritage, the other to the UN—explaining our concern. Both letters are on our website. The letter to the UN got a lot of media attention, including from the Toronto Star.


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