Keeping up with Friends

Thank you readers

Thank you to everyone who answered our reader survey. As a result of your feedback, we’re pleased to launch a new website for Quaker Concern:! We hope the site will make it easier to read Quaker Concern online, particularly for those using mobile devices, and to share individual articles with family and friends. Print copies will continue as usual.

Giving thanks for the life of Vivien Abbott

Many Friends have been inspired by the peaceful life and witness of Vivien Abbott. Her son Mark shared with us, “On April 9th Vivien completed this part of her life with the same calm, quiet dignity with which she approached so much in her life. The void she leaves quickly fills with waves of mixed emotions: enormous gratitude that we were lucky enough to share space and time with such an inspiring spirit; deep affection and appreciation for the generous, intelligent, lovely person she was; and love for the example of faith in human beings and an undying belief in the goodness of all life. Vivien showed us all that gentleness, wisdom, respect, high and unbending principles can co-exist with cheerful optimism, laughter and down-to-earth common sense. We will miss her gentle wisdom as much as her unabashed silliness and so much more.”

New handout explains the importance of parole

CFSC is pleased to share a new double-sided flyer Parole and its role in rehabilitation and community safety. While the term “parole” may be familiar, most of us don’t actually know much about it, including why it matters, or how it helps or harms people. This handout explains parole and answers key questions about its place within Canada’s criminal justice system. Please contact CFSC to request free print copies of the flyer or find it at:

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

CFSC continues to share information to raise the profile of the UN Declaration. A newly updated fact sheet explains the Declaration and is perfect for bulletin boards or to hand out at educational events: We also helped draft the new ecumenical resource from KAIROS on implementing the Declaration, Let Justice Roll: You can pair these resources with pocket-sized copies of the Declaration. Did you know we’ve helped to distribute over 200,000 copies nation-wide? Contact the CFSC office to order yours.

Responding to hate

Incidents of white supremacy and other forms of hatred, in particular Islamophobia, anti-migrant and refugee sentiments, and antisemitism, seem to be on the rise in Canada and elsewhere.
CFSC believes that our responses must be informed, and show care for all, so as to speak to the humanity in others, and not to escalate potentially violent situations. But how can we respond when surrounded by hate? We’ve put together a list of many excellent resources and suggestions on this important topic:

Peace Tax Return

A Peace Tax Return is a gesture of resistance to military spending. You may choose to register your conscientious objection to paying for war either by declaring your objection (an email will be sent with a copy to your MP), or by taking the further step of withholding the portion of your taxes that would fund Canada’s military. Both options are available via this years’ online Peace Tax Return form: