Friends on the Move

Keira Mann started with CFSC as a summer Program Assistant in 2015 and went on to join our small staff team. Keira supported many pieces of CFSC’s work including organizing our online events. She has now gone back to school to study graphic design. We wish Keira all the best in her future career!

CFSC staff Matt Legge, committee member Christina Tellez and associate Trevor Chandler facilitated Yonge Street Half-Yearly Meeting with an interactive program focused around peaceful communication. Matt and Trevor continued to facilitate the free virtual Are We Done Fighting? workshop series. (You can find out more about this popular series and add your name to the waitlist for a future offering at joined a university class in South Carolina that is studying the book to answer questions and lead a discussion about peace issues.

CFSC staff Jennifer Preston presented with Professor Sheryl Lightfoot as part of the ecumenical For the Love of Creation series on Indigenous peoples’ rights and climate change. She joined associate member Paul Joffe to speak at the Salmon Nation conference, giving a presentation titled Why the UN Declaration Matters: How Implementing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Can Make a Difference, Particularly with Actions on Sustainable Development.

CFSC hosted four virtual meetings with Indigenous experts to discuss the UN Declaration and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as part of a larger project on this topic.