Friends on the Move

CFSC staff Verena Tan was in Ottawa for board meetings of the National Associations Active in Criminal Justice. Verena was also joined by CFSC’s full criminal justice program committee Daisie Auty (Toronto Meeting), Dick Cotterill (Halifax Meeting), and Joy Morris (Calgary Meeting) in Winnipeg for committee meetings and to deliver a Penal Abolition Workshop.
CFSC staff Jennifer Preston (Hamilton Meeting) was in northwest British Columbia, including Haida Gwaii, with associate member Paul Joffe to do workshops on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, in Victoria to present on beginning the journey of reconciliation, in Ottawa for meetings with senators on Bill C-262 and to meet with the federal government to prepare for the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, and in Winnipeg for a major joint event in support of C-262. Jennifer was joined in Burnaby, BC, by Barb Everdene (Vancouver Meeting), Manuela Popovici (Ottawa Meeting), associate member Rob Hughes (Vancouver Meeting), and CFSC Program Assistant Keira Mann for Indigenous rights program committee meetings.
Members of CFSC’s peace program committee Dale Dewar (Prarie Meeting), Linda Taffs (Cowichan Valley Meeting), Bertha Small (Ottawa Meeting) and staff Matt Legge met in Wynyard, Saskatchewan.
CFSC board members Stephen Bishop (Cowichan Valley Meeting), Graeme Hope (Interior BC Meeting), Carol Dixon (Ottawa Meeting), Jeff Little (Yonge Street Meeting), and Margaret McCaffrey (Yonge Street Meeting) met in Toronto, to reflect on the work of Service Committee and plan for the year ahead.